Welcome to the official website of the Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, a biannual journal edited by the Faculty of Political Science of the National University of Political Science and Public Administration (Bucharest, Romania) and The Project for Civic Education and Academic Development Foundation, addressed primarily to scholars and researchers in the fields of political science, political theory and international relations.

Extended deadline: September 1, 2016

Call for Papers:

Volume 11, Number 2, due December 2016

The editors of the Romanian Journal of Society and Politics invite you to submit articles and book reviews for the second issue of the Romanian Journal of Society and Politics in 2016.

We welcome contributions from a wide array of research perspectives, including, but not limited to: political science, political theory, international relations, European studies, history, sociology and anthropology. Interdisciplinary approaches are also welcome. The submission guidelines can be found on our website at http://www.rjsp.politice.ro/. All contributions should be sent by email to: rjsp@politice.ro until the 1st of September 2016.

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics (ISSN print: 1582-5795, ISSN online: 2393 – 3224) adheres to both an open access policy and a double-blind peer review policy and is indexed in various international databases (see http://www.rjsp.politice.ro/Indexing_And_Abstracts). The time between the submission of a manuscript and the editorial decision to accept (with or without revisions) or reject it is usually between 3-4 months and the publication of a manuscript, both online and in printed form, usually does not exceed 2 months from the moment of its acceptance.

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